Thursday, 02 February 2012

What Makes us Great

What is it that I, Silentbattle, Tomim, Trying and Momo have in common? What makes them so important to me? Why do I love them?

We are so very different in so many ways... What makes GYE-ers great is not that we all share common backgrounds, common hashkafa, common sense of humor, common taste in food or music, or common likes or dislikes... In fact, that is what distinguishes us from all the other forums on this Great and (un)Holy internet... We're not here because we all like the Pittsburgh Steelers, are all members of the Church of Latter-day saints, all want to learn Chinese, like funny pictures of cats, or interested in finding bass notes for punk rock covers...

What makes GYE great is that we are all so different AND YET we are all battling together... What gives me strength is that I stand on the front lines and look at the people standing next to me - from all walks of life... All of you here decided: enough is enough! We will not surrender to this disease.... And because we are so different, we can present so many new ideas to each other; ideas that - having spent so much time around people that think like we do - we were never able to see before...

So thank you all for being different... Please do not change anything about you... Don't think like I think, don't hate who I hate and don't love who I love... Just be you.

And thank you for joining me in this revolution... We will overcome!

Viva La Revolucion!