Monday, 23 January 2012

Since Before My Bar Mitzvah

by Yosef Hatzadik (See all authors)

I am a yungerman who has been looking at re'ios assuros even before I knew that I shouldn't be looking at them. I was doing the ma'aseh before I knew that it is an aveira, r"l. I am married now with a few children, Boruch Hashem, and have been struggling with the yetzer horah since then.

B'rov rachamov vechasodov, I was zoche to be directed to this great and holy site by a Rav who knows about my struggles (I am forever indebted to him for this referral!). I had signed him up as my partner for, that's how he found out about my problem and referred me to this site.

I told the Rav recently that I have a big t'viyah (complaint) against him for not telling me about this site earlier!

With much siyata dishmaya and the chizuk I received from this site, I was zoche to have a higher level of shmiras einayim for the last month that I haven't had since before I was a Bar Mitzvah!

This eida kedosha is a truly holy gathering of people who are Hashem's REAL friends in this lowly world. [Bemokom shebalei teshuva omdim ein tzadikim gemurim yecholim la'amod!] We may not be like the tzadikim of previous generations, but in this dark, dirty, dingy, disgusting, and degrading society we were put into, {in his infinite wisdom... we believe we are lucky to be in this generation, otherwise we wouldn't be here! HE doesn't make mistakes!} we can accomplish even more than the tzadikim of old did! WE CAN BRING THE GEULA! After all, a small 4 watt nightlight bulb will make all the difference between whether you bump into the walls or not - if you put it in a room which is otherwise in total darkness; whereas a million candlepower searchlight does little good when used in bright daylight, as CHAZA"L say: Shraga betihara mai ahanye. (As in the days of old when so many Tzadikim filled the world).

Yasher Ko'ach to all the good Jews who set up this site, to all those that post on this site, to all those that help fund this site, and to all those dear friends of Hakodosh Boruch Hu who value true kosher SIGHT!!!