Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm Proud of You

by Sci1977 (See all authors)

We wished Mazal Tov to 'Sci1977' on his 90th day clean, which got him onto our Wall of Honor chart.

'Sci1977' follow up by writing on the forum:

This morning, I re-read the last page or so of my thread and realized how emotional recovery is. I have closed the door to my office today so I could cry in peace. I want to point out that every single response has made me cry. I sent my wife what I wrote (which appeared in yesterday's e-mail) and I got a response from my wife by e-mail. She wrote:

I'm very proud of you, obviously. I know you didn't feel that you had options, but you did have options, and one was to keep walking forward away from us and the children, and you didn't. You did very much the opposite. I will tell you that you have amazed me. I never thought that we would make it. Whatever you thought was dark, I felt it was completely black. I wanted to put up a wall that you couldn't break down, no matter what. Instead of that, you showed me that you loved me, and little by little I saw that you loved yourself too.

I feel like your best friend, and I do want to be that person. Spiritually, you showed me that you can be something for me to be proud of, and I am.

What my wife wrote made me cry more then anyone. My heart is filled with much love. Thank you all once again.