Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Shmiras Einayim for a Woman - continued

By Sarah

In response to a recently published question about the importance of shmiras eiynaim for a Jewih woman, a female GYE member sent her account:

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"Recently, I went overseas, and I watched a few movies on the plane. I didn't think there could be anything wrong with it as I am a female. However, when I came back, I could not stop thinking of the movies and the message they gave. I can't even say it was the bad things I saw. It was more the message they gave. (Think 'romance' when everything always turns out perfectly at the end. These things never even happen in real life). BH, I'm very happily married, and I'm settled, and I managed to get over it. But it was hard work.

That's when I realized that ladies can't do whatever they want in this area."