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On the front lines of Kedusha.

An adolescent shares his struggles and victories in Kedusha.

obormottel Thursday, 05 November 2015

My school recently made a video for some project to be shared on social media. I noticed that the boys in my class, who were involved in the video, purposefully put videos of themselves looking real good so that the girls from the girls' school will watch it and see how "cool" they are. So basically, I made sure not to be in the video, as I feel it’s wrong to chase Kavod and try to attract attention. Also, the girls' school made a video and put it on social media, but I have decided not to watch it, as it won’t be good for me to start fantasizing about the girls in my year. I was happy that I made these firm decisions, but, honestly, it’s not easy to stay strong.

On a related note, there is a standing concert coming up on Motzai Shabbos in my city. It is mixed, but separate dancing. But there will still be mingling, and I know it won't be appropriate for people from my youth movement to go. But my youth movement didn't organize any alternative, so some boys are going, even though the director advised madrichim not to go. But since there's the excuse of there being a mechitza for dancing, people are saying that it's OK to go. So I have organized a Melave Malke kumzits in my house instead. Although a few boys will go to the concert anyway, most guys are happy to come to the melave malka, as they know this is the kosher way.

B”H, now there is another option for them!