Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mordichai's First Post

by Mordichai (See all authors)

I got addicted when I was very young by being exposed to p*rn in various friends' homes... Before I got married I confessed my struggle to my spouse to be, and fortunately she was very understanding in spite of my addiction. Unfortunately, I still kept falling back into my addiction and kept disappointing her.

I'm now 34 years old and as you can all see on the chart, I am now 72 days clean thanks to HaShem for leading me to this great website. B'ezras HaShem I will reach 90 days and beyond!!! I have good hopes that I will stop this addiction for Good but I know (as is stated in Pirke Avot) not to trust myself until the day of my death!

I find the 90 day chart a very helpful tool in my lifelong battle with lust. After seeing the days I've won so far, it keeps me strong and gives me enough determination to keep going. I don't want to throw away the days I've gained so far. This is what I tell myself when the yetzer hara knocks on my door. The daily chizuk emails also encourage me and keep me focused on HaShem and make me aware of the importance of the olam haba.

I want to encourage all of you who are in this struggle to keep up the fight!! And I want to close with a general call to Please, please keep the filth out of reach of children because otherwise this addiction will grab hold of them too. Prevention is the best cure!!!