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MAZAL TOV TO "KEDUSHA" Upon 6 Months Clean!

GYE Corp. Monday, 13 February 2012
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"Kedusha" is one of GYE's most active members. He is always looking for ways to help promote GYE in the religious world, and to help other members grow. Just today, he posted a new incentive to help struggling members reach 90 days (see this post). And he was also the one to suggest the $90/90-Day initiative back in Elul (see here). He also recently sponsored some ads in a major Jewish magazine, and he sent letters to the Rabbanim of his community to make them aware of the dangers of the internet and of the work that we are doing in GYE (see here). He has sponsored various ads in the past, and has donated a number of times as well. He is in charge of arranging and encouraging the "Accountability Groups" (see this board) and he helps members find partners and sponsors as well (see this page). He has also tried to get interviews and write ups about GYE in various popular religious news outlets, and although he is not always successful, he never gives up!

If we had another few guys like Kedusha on the forum, GYE would be well known in every Jewish community throughout the world!


May you continue to be a source of inspiration and strength to us all, and may you go Mechayil El Choyil!

A Recent Testimonial by Kedusha for an ad in a Jewish Publication that he sponsored:

When I discovered GuardYourEyes, my life changed immensely. With the help of the anonymous forum, daily Chizuk e-mails, handbooks and, of course, G-d, I'm no longer ridden with guilt and, therefore, am in a much better position to work on being a good husband and father. Tremendous thanks - from me and my family!

Here are some inspiring posts from Kedusha from the past:

When "Kedusha" first joined he wrote:

I have faced Nisyonos in this area for years. Before Yom Kippur this year, I installed an Internet filter to which only my wife has the password (and if the password gets lost, only she can have it e-mailed to her account, to which I have no access).

I first got the Internet almost 12 years ago, and I stumbled the first day (I had my clean periods, but they never lasted. Instead, I kept doing Teshuva, sinning again, doing Teshuva, sinning again, etc.). I had serious issues before the Internet, as well.

I have been aware of this site for a number of weeks, but only now have I registered. I have read and benefited from a great deal of the wonderful materials that you have to offer, including the newly published.

How did I stay clean for the past 7 days? On the first few days, by counting the hours, then by counting the days. But always concentrating on being clean for one day at a time, and receiving Chizuk from this site. I've been feeling better about myself each day, and appreciating my wife, who I am noticing is far more beautiful than the forbidden images will ever be.

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