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Like Getting Married Once Again

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 03 January 2012

Dear R' Guard,

We owe GYE a tremendous thank you. My wife and I feel like we've just been married again. Thanks to your website we've been able to tackle issues that have been haunting us ever since we were married and had effected all aspects of our marriage, and our lives.

Case in point: I had become involved in your site around Pesach last year, out of personal desperation. I signed up on the 90 day chart and B"H I reached 90 without much difficulty and it was the greatest feeling I could remember feeling in a long time. Unfortunately it didn't last - fear of failure brought me down. I then struggled to rebuild the 90 days, but I couldn't reach more than 40 days or so and I'd fail again and again. I then began the climb to 90 once again, but this time with more active involvement in the forum, followed by more active, involvement in the 12 step phone conference.

During this time I had an important talk with my wife about GYE, speaking about the importance of it, what a great resource it is, and how it helps me avoid the falls that can result from triggers. I did kind of play down my need for the site, out of understandable embarrassment and the pain it would cause my wife. The subject continued to come up and my wife was suggesting GYE to people that she knew who struggled with these issues or knew those who did.

Recently, for the first time, she started reading some things on GYE. She read Yechida's letter to a GYE wife and cried the whole way through. She finally had some level of understanding of this struggle and we were able to talk about it more openly. The whole time she was wondering to herself how much I needed this site, to what extent I had become addicted, whether it was perhaps more than just triggers. Well - I bit the bullet and I decided to share something special with her. As Hashgacha would have it, that day was the exact day I reached 90. I clicked on the Wall of Honor link and said "that name is mine" and I showed her the WOH/90day Chart rules, and that's when we both had the feeling of being newly married once again.

A tremendous thank you to you, all the members of GYE and of the phone conferences, and thank you to HKB"H who I have B"H come to know in way I hadn't known in years.

All the Best,
Me and my wife