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90 Days Chart Overview

All it takes is 90 days clean to break the habit. Take the leap of faith and stay clean for 90 days, so you don't have to keep struggling for 90 years!

How does this work? When porn is viewed, neurotransmitters called dopamine flood the brain (similar to heroin use). When the doses are too high, as is the case with habitual porn viewing, the brain adjusts to restore balance by reducing the amount of dopamine available. This causes a decreasing amount of pleasure experienced. So we need to consume larger amounts of porn and potentially more graphic images to receive the pleasure we had before. Lower dopamine levels can make us feel depressed, causing us to go back to porn to stimulate more. It is a cycle. The good news is that when we quit watching porn, the brain readjusts and corrects its dopamine levels. It’s simply a matter of breaking the cycle by not feeding the appetite. In time, the appetite will decline by not feeding it. As our sages have said: "There is a small organ in a man, if one feeds it - it is hungry, if one starves it - it is satiated". The most difficult days are in the beginning. It will gradually get better. Scientific studies show that it takes about 90 days to change the neuron pathways in the brain created by addictive behaviors.

Members of the world-wide 12-Step groups (for overcoming addictions) are given a "red" recovery chip when they reach 90 days. We can also find the idea of 90 in Chazal. The Halacha is, that if one is not sure if he said "v'sen tal u'matar", he must repeat the Shmoneh Esrei. However after 30 days, one no longer needs to repeat Shmoneh Esrei when in doubt, because we assume that his mind has already gotten used to saying it. 30 days is 90 Shmoneh Esreis! Chazal knew that it takes 90 times of doing something to get the mind used to it. (The Hebrew letter “Tzadik” – which symbolizes a Tzadik who is morally pure, also equals 90 in Gematria).

Join and update your chart using the orange tab below. Note: If you don't update for a week, your name becomes red. If you don't update for two weeks, the name falls off the chart (until you update again).

90 Day Chart Rules

We have created a special section on our forum here for members of the chart to keep a log of their journey

How do I know if the 90-Day Challenge is for me?

If the answer to the following questions is "Yes", it's for you!

  1. Are you sincere?
  2. Are you aiming to beat your previous (recent) sobriety record?
  3. And most Importantly: Are you ready for some rigorous honesty? Otherwise, this feature won't be able to help you.


  1. Click here to sign up.
  2. Updates are done by each user manually (as in the image below). The chart automatically keeps track of how many days you are clean and what Level you are on each time you update.
  3. 90-day-chart-update
  4. Each chart member must update themselves at least once a week.
  5. If you do not update yourself for over a week, your name becomes RED.
  6. If you do not update for two weeks, your name falls off the chart.
    (Even if someone falls off the chart, their name remains in the database, so they can choose to go back on the chart by just clicking "I'm still clean")
  7. To update the chart, choose "Still Clean".
    If you had a fall c"v, click "I had a fall" and choose the date of the fall and the new starting date. The days you have accumulated until now will be added to the "cumulative" count on your chart.
  8. What constitutes a "Fall" to require restarting the count?
    There are "slips" and there are "falls". "Slips" do not require restarting the count. "Falls" do require restarting.
    A "Fall" is one of the following things:
    1. Intentional masturbation (with finish)
    2. Intentionally viewing improper sites
    3. Intentionally calling inappropriate telephone numbers
    4. Intentionally seeking out and reading erotica
    5. Worse things, which we need not mention
    In regard to number 2 (and 4), if someone saw something by mistake and then got a little bit carried away and kept looking at it, or even if someone saw a link and couldn't resist clicking on it but then catches themselves within a few seconds, that would only be considered a "slip", not a "fall". However, if someone decides to actively pursue viewing bad sites, that would be considered a fall.


90 Day Chart Levels

Level 1:
1 Day Clean

דרך המסילה

Level 2:
3 Days Clean

חזק חזק

Level 3:
7 Days Clean

הכובש את יצרו

Level 4:
14 Days Clean

עבד ה'

Level 5:
30 Days Clean

גבור כח עושה דברו

Level 6:
50 Days Clean

ירא שמים


Level 7:
70 Days Clean

אוהב ה'


Wall of Honor Levels

Level 8:
90 Days Clean


Level 9:
180 Days Clean

צדיק גמור

Level 10:
1 Year Clean

בעל תשובה