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If I Had Continued In The Other Direction

GYE Corp. Sunday, 15 January 2012

I was talking to someone recently, and he asked me if I'd really be so bad off if I wasn't involved with GYE and the 12-steps. It's hard to believe that we'd all end up in the gutters so soon that we need to worry about it.

I thought that if, instead of the gradual improvements I have had in my life over the past 2 years, if I were going in the other direction gradually, here's what my life would look like:

I'd be spending ever so much more time escaping reality. Probably heavily addicted to video p*rn by now (Thank G-d, I never got involved with anything besided photos). We just upgraded to high speed internet when I found GYE, and I think I was within a few short weeks of falling into that trap.

I'd be fighting with my wife at least half the time, as she knocked herself out taking care of the family and the house and I just wasted all my time "working". I'd have no relationship whatsoever with my kids, as I spent all my time so busy "working" that I totally ignored them. This is how my life was going at that point, and it would have only gotten two years worse.

And, of course, I'd feel miserable about myself and about life.

Thanks to GYE and the 12-steps, my life, instead, continually gets better. I am more productive, and more easy going at the same time. I grow ever closer to my wife and to my children.

I continually feel better about myself, and about life.

There are setbacks, there are ups and downs, and I make mistakes, but life, overall, keeps getting better.