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Approaching 3 Years

GYE Corp. Monday, 16 January 2012

See Jack's 90-day journey time-line from 3 years ago here.

Dear Guard,

I'm approaching my 3-year anniversary in 'the struggle'. I can't say I'm perfect, and I've slipped along the way, but only about 5 times in the whole 3 years. What a difference from before I started, I used to act-out every day! I like to look at how far I came, rather than 'am I perfect'. A 38 year old habit takes time to break. I'm not using this as an excuse, but it's the absolute truth.

B"H the strong urges to visit the dirty-movie stores are no longer present, and it's not because I'm over 50. When I used to be there I saw some dirty old men hanging around.

So, thanks again for all you've done for me, and thousands like me.


Recently "Jack" shared with me some chizuk:

Urges can be compared with feeding a stray cat. In the beginning, you may want to feed the cat because it cries for food and attention. You may find that it is a nice thing to do and you feel good for being kind. However, your act of feeding the cat encourages it to repeat its cries and attention seeking. You find yourself giving in each time. Over a period of time, the cat grows bolder and other cats join it in crying for food and attention. That is how addiction works.