Monday, 20 February 2012

I Can Always Change Course

by I LOVE HASHEM (See all authors)

I was listening to a song by Avraham Fried recently, and every time I think about it, it really gives me chizuk: "Haneshoma yoiredes lesoich haguf. Yerida zu letzoirech aliya, ad shekol zeh hu kedai - The soul comes down into the body, going down for the purpose of going up, until it was all worth it"... And I suddenly thought to myself, "Hey, my pure neshoma was brought to this lowly world for a purpose; to keep going up and shteig. Even though I've fallen this low, I can always pick myself up again and change my course of life to a life of total kedusha, to the point that my neshoma was worth coming down.

This site has really helped me, including the daily emails. For two weeks I have not looked at p*rn, although it is taking me time to really learn to guard my eyes and thoughts properly.

I was thinking, that if you convert GYE to Hebrew letters, it spells out 'gei' which means valley. GYE is a really a lifesaver to those in the valley of spiritual death; a real help to begin again the aliya in kedusha. Chazak Ve'ematz!