Sunday, 18 December 2011

Back on the Wagon of Teshuvah

by YR (See all authors)

I made a donation to your site because it has been helping me to be strong! I keep it open always, so when I have an urge, I go to your web site instead.

The Ramban says that even Rishonim were not free of hirhurim, so obviously hirurim are much harder. Actions, however, are more under our control. But one of the particular challenges of this Aveirah (looking at inappropriate sites/images) is how close it is to Hirhurim; the click of the mouse is such a minute action that it is almost in the realm of machshava. Hence, very tricky to control.

Nonetheless, my life has changed in the past months as I have begun a new effort to get back on the wagon of teshuvah for good. Your site is great.