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Another marriage saved.

obormottel Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dear Mr. Yaakov,

I have been wanting to email someone at guardyoureyes for awhile. I wanted to sincerely thank you and all your staff for all the resources available on your website. I found out my husband was watching schmutz about 7 months ago. It was the worst yissurim I ever had in my life. I couldn't stop crying, I was depressed, not eating, unable to function, having a hard time to sleep etc., until I found your website (by doing a google search for help, and it was stated on an article on Aish's website) and I spoke to Miriam and listened to the shiurim for spouses.

Women who discover their husbands struggling need help to stay calm. They should realize that this phase might be temporary, and it is a test from Hashem. In the past, my husband was trying to stop on his own a few times but didn't know how. Baruch Hashem, with the resources on your site, he has been clean since I caught him. We also installed "Covenant Eyes" filter on our phones and the computer.

I listened to many of the shiurim you had for husbands as well, and noticed that some of the same concepts were repeated by the lecturers from different perspectives, which is a great thing since, when someone hears something repeatedly in different ways or from different angles, it sinks in faster and helps them change. I especially liked "The Fight" series you had, as it helped me end my overeating that developed when I realized my husband had this issue. It's important for spouses of an addict to be patient, not engage in compulsive eating, be supportive, and not to rage at their husbands who are trying to overcome their addictions.

My husband really enjoyed all your shiurim, and they really helped him become a different person, and our marriage has significantly improved. Your website was a lifesaver for both of us. It saved my marriage. I don't think he would have stopped if not for the shiurim and resources on your site.

Thank you so much. May Hashem bless you and all your support stuff with only nachas, health and happiness eternally.