Miriam Miriam

Training in Addiction and/or Lust Addiction

With more than 6 years experience in the CODA Program. Plus advanced training and education through the International Coach Academy with a focus on helping couples and individuals getting back to basic in their relationships and living life rather than just surviving life.

Clinical Experience with Orthodox Community

Certifications & Degrees

  • International Coach Academy - Life Coach
  • 12 Steps Program Expertise
  • Association with organizations

  • International Coach Academy
  • Intervention Model

    Many times when I meet the wife of an addict, they tend to think that the problem is with them rather than finding out that like many addictions, lust is the addict’s drug of choice…and has less to do with them.

    Shifting the perspective in helping her see that underneath it all, there is a man who does not know how to soothe himself in a healthy way rather than finding his relief thru the internet or thru other sexual endeavors.

    Going step by step from self care to trust in the Higher Power will empower my clients to find within her the inner strength to be there for herself and be there for her husband while he is going through the 12 Steps himself.

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    Client types

    • Spouses of Addicts

    Medium/s of Interaction with Clients

    • Face to Face
    • Phone
    • Webcam

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