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Another 90 day victory

By Exhilarated Jew

obormottel Sunday, 15 May 2016

I've just completed my journey of 90 days and I feel exhilarated! I've been on the chart in the past and had 3-4 falls. But 90 days ago, I knew that if I don't kick this thing NOW, I'll never get there. I'll be a slave to lust forever, chas v'shalom. One of my biggest fears was becoming old and senile, and Heaven help what'll come out of me then! So I put myself back on that chart for real. My falls would happen in bed, and one great piece of advice I got was from a fellow GYE member, who suggested that I picture myself falling asleep in Hashem's loving embrace. That really helped me a lot! Anytime I felt I was going to fall, I repeated to myself over and over: "Hashem, I'm in a scary place right now and only You can help me. Help me and don't let me fall!"

And here I am, 90 days clean, Baruch Hashem.