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GYE Corp. Tuesday, 24 January 2012

When I first heard about getting a filter, I was very resistant. It was about a month or two until my wife and I sat down together, looked through the information and installed K9.

One catalyst was my involvement on the forum. Posting messages like, "Woops, just slipped on the computer again. BTW, I don't have a filter." The fault--the stupidity even--became obvious.

I just thought I was too "curious" and too "multi-faceted" to do without free internet surfing.

I eventually gave in.

At first it hurt--OH, I CAN'T SEE THIS SITE! I felt so limited. After a while, I started to appreciate that it was for my own benefit. After a while, I REALLY didn't want to see things accidentally that I shouldn't see.

I got used to it.

Then, I started to notice that I'm just wasting lots of time on the computer. It's an ESCAPE and an ADDICTION, at least equal (if not worse) to this lust addiction.

Stopping to waste time was part of the same recovery process.

I don't have a white-list filter. (But, I've got K9 set up that it practically does the same thing now - see this page for info). At first, I never would have been able to accept such a thing. But now, I see that I REALLY only need a handful of sites. If I stray from those, I know--I'M WASTING TIME AGAIN!!! What about my wife? What about my children? Maybe I could actually be on time for afternoon seder!

I used to use the computer much longer than I expected and afterwards, I'd leave begrudgingly, "Oh no... I still need to do this, and this, and that..."

Now, I go on to the computer in the first place thinking "I REALLY don't want to use this thing much. Let's just take care of business and get off as fast as I can." I have people waiting for me who are more important.

If I didn't have work, I used to turn it on and pretend to be working.

Now, If I don't have real work to do, I can go a day or two without turning it on.