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Nice Try, Loser!

by Shmilu (See all authors)

What most amuses me about my current situation is that soon after I fell, my evil inclination whispered to me, "Hey, buddy, you already fell and you're starting anew tomorrow. Might as well 'chap arein' and go see the real hardcore stuff and indulge, so that you will be, ahem, satisfied for a longer period of time!"

So, yeah, at first glance it seemed like the menuval would let me be for some time. But, no, he obviously wasn't gonna pass up on a last ditch effort to ensnare me even more. NO WAY, YOU PATHETIC LOSER!

What was, WAS. But don't try to get me to think that since I am already on the ground, nothing will happen if I roll in the dirt. Guess what, smart-aleck? I'll get dirtier! Nice try, loser! Go fly a kite!

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