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If all else fails, maybe join the program?

obormottel Sunday, 14 October 2018
If all else fails, maybe join the program?

My name is Boruch and I'm a sexaholic.
Thanks to Hashem, the 12 steps of Sexaholics Anonymous, my sponsor, and the fellowship of SA, I am gratefully sober for just over 3.5 years (for which I can never be sufficiently grateful).

I tried for many years to stop acting out.
Some of the methods I had used were: praying and crying to Hashem; devotedly reading the GYE website and chizuk emails; employing the Taphsic method (fasting - which I hated; paying fines - large ones; going to the mikva - sometimes more than once a day - which I hated even more than fasting; phone conferences); but I was never successfully clean for long. I had plenty of 14/20/30 day streaks, but always fell in the end.

It wasn't until I walked into a room of fellow addicts and admitted my utter defeat and the unmanageability of my life (step one), and got a sponsor to help me work the 12 steps that I was given the gift of sobriety.