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Hashgocho Protis

obormottel Monday, 17 September 2018
Hashgocho Protis

I have been struggling with shmutz on the Internet. I was addicted to personals ads on a well-known site for years. I used to talk to women, send pictures, and sometimes even meet up with them.

I stopped a few times but every time I did, I was drawn back to it. I put filters on my phone and laptop but used my work computer and my wife’s phone to look at stuff. I joined GYE and read the daily emails and spoke to counselors but still went back when I was depressed. I didn’t know what to do. I was out of control. First thing In the morning and last thing before bed was the personals section. I was tired of myself.

One night, before bedtime, I cried to Hashem. I was so miserable. And when I went back to the Internet and clicked on personals, it was GONE! The government had passed a new law that websites like this one promoted prostitution and they had to shut down! I felt like Hashem had done it just for me. BH, I have been much better. I feel that my sincere davening to Hashem saved me.
Thank you, GYE.