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Taking Real Steps this Shovavim!



the.guard Wednesday, 15 January 2020
Taking Real Steps this Shovavim!

Join the Worldwide YEshiva Shovavim Initiative at - "YES we can!"

This week begins the six week period known as "Shovavim", an acronym made up of the first letters of the Parshios of these 6 weeks:

שמות, וארא, בא, בשלח, יתרו, משפטים

The Ari HaKadosh revealed that the days of Shovavim are a period auspicious for Teshuva and Tikkun based on the Pasuk "Shuvu Banim Shovavim - return, my wayward children", and particularly in the area of Yesod (Shmiras Habris).

So how can we take advantage of this special time of the year to fix our past and ensure we stay pure and avoid falling off the cliff into unhealthy internet use?

GYE is proud to present:

The Shovavim "Three Fence Approach"

Fence #1) Install Filters

Using unfiltered internet is like walking on a tightrope. Falling is just a click away, and often it pops up even when we’re not looking for it. We know that getting a filter can be confusing. Our fears can overwhelm us:

  • “I’m not tech savvy, I don’t know how to set it up”
  • “How should I know which company to choose?”
  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “I’m afraid the filter will block too much”
  • “I have many devices that need filtering, protecting them all is just too much of a hassle.”

Luckily, GYE has an answer. Just fill out this simple form and get finally filtered with NO HASSLE!

Request Filter Help Here

Fence #2) The YESOD challenge:

YESOD stands for Yiddish Entertainment Sites Only Defense. Even with a filter, if we spend our time on non-Jewish news and entertainment websites, we’re bound to see many things we shouldn’t. And one thing leads to another. Spending time on sites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram (or even news sites like CNN and Fox News) are risky. It’s inevitable that we’ll stumble in shmiras einayim. B"h there are enough frum websites to keep us occupied when we need a break (like YWN or Matzav or VIN).

To keep away from the slippery slope, sign up to GYE’s YESOD Challenge - at least for the weeks of Shovavim!

Sign up HERE

Fence #3) The TaPHSiC Tool:

Even with a filter and with staying away from non-Jewish entertainment sites, if we struggle with lust we will inevitably find loopholes in our filters or be in situations where we are alone and have access to unfiltered internet. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible not to have access somewhere. Are you afraid of such situations? GYE’s TaPHSiC Tool is designed to help you.

Click here to read how the TaPHSiC Tool works, or listen to this shiur that explains it in depth. Then use this generic template to help you set it up.

If we struggle in these areas, it is our strong belief that all three of these fences are important to have in place. However, even if we accept only one or two of them in honor of Shovavim, we will be making a great Tikkun during these auspicious times.

Make this Shovavim the most meaningful one yet!