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Mishkan First, Keilim Second

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rashi at the begining of the sedra points out that Betzelel was named as such coz he clearly had ruach hakodesh (ie in the shadow of Hashem).

How does rashi know? coz he even did stuff that Hashem told Moishe but Moishe didnt repeat to him. ie Moishe was 1st told about the aron and all the keilim of the Mishkan coz they're the ikkur and then the mishkan itself, but clearly it was to be built in the opposite order and Betzalel knew that even though Moishe didnt tell him.

This reminded me of rabbeinu dov's peshat in derech eretz kodmoh latorah. The keilim inside the mishkan are like the torah itself - that's the ikkur - that is Hashem's gift to us to enable us to reach great heights.

But we first need to build the mishkan which will house the keilim - ie ourselves as a mikdash me'at, we are supposed to make ourselves a place where Hashem and the torah can function. Ie we have to be proper people with our middos straight, right across the spectrum before we can put the torah inside ourselves.