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Good "Enough" Isn't Good Enough

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A common theme in this week's Parsha is that bnei Yisroel did "as Hashem commanded them to do, so they did." Is it not obvious that they would do it right? And even if it was necessary to tell us, why say it over and over again? If it was right once, it could be assumed that it was right always!!

We could answer this with the following example. Imagine you were playing baseball and the coach told you to hit the ball to a certain spot where nobody would catch it. So, you try to hit it there, but you miss the spot by about 12 inches. As long as you still got a base hit, nobody would care that you weren't perfect, because you did your job "good enough". Our Parsha is teaching us that real life is not like baseball. If Hahsem wants us to do something, then it must be done "as He commanded us to do it", and "good enough", is just not good enough.

This lesson is all the more prevalent when fighting an addiction. If we expect to overcome, the commitment from our side must be 100% if we hope to get the help needed from Hashem's side. Hashem knows our hearts and minds and if we are truly dedicated, He will help out. But a half hearted attempt, like "i'll post a little, and learn a little, and really try", without taking the necessary steps to actually DO SOMETHING to break that trend, will not lead us to our final destination - sobriety.

Hashem is there for us. But we must do our part. We must be willing to change our lifestyles, our relationships, our attitudes, and/or anything else that is necessary to get it done. And remember - good enough, is just not good enough!!!
Good Shabbos!!