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Why Should a Woman Stop?

Why should a woman stop masturbating / watching porn?

once-innocent Thursday, 26 November 2015

For practical suggestions read this article.

Although it may not be directly assur for women, masturbating is definitely not within the confines of "Kedoshim Tihiyu", a command including women to "be holy".

Masturbation feeds the power of self. Not only that, it turns sex into a world of fantasy. Men and women becomes objects to take pleasure from. All this fantasising will affect your sex life either now or later in life. You’ve got no way of knowing the results until it may just be too late. Why take that risk? You're gambling your future happiness and wellbeing!?

Enough of this behaviour can lead you to become addicted. Having to practise any behaviour compulsively and loosing all control over it is never healthy. If you think you can practise this act without becoming addicted- I’ve got news for you-there is scientific evidence to prove otherwise.

Masturbation releases dopamine in the brain, which causes the brain to produce less dopamine on its own to balance out, which means that you will feel down when not acting-out. That leads for the cycle to just continue and get worse, until normal life is just too depressing without it. And the amount of acting out we did yesterday is not enough to achieve the same high today, so we need to keep overstepping boundaries and doing more to get the same thrill, until our lives are out of control.

By resorting to masturbation, we don't need to deal with real life because this solves all our problems. So we never learn to deal with real life and therefore we never grow up. It’s time to take control over our behaviours as a pathway to a better life.