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Should a frum woman join SA? Member's opinion.

This is a response to an article published in newsletter #1368 "Can a frum woman join SA?"

After publishing the article, we have received a lot of feedback from members, and we published the entire conversation.

Below is an email we received after sending out the newsletter, but before other views on the issue came into the picture.

Please beware, that each member's situation is unique and requires indivualized approach.

obormottel Monday, 23 November 2015

Dear GYE,

I am a frum married woman who has joined GYE a few weeks ago. I've been struggling to find a sponsor and direction as well as a 12 step group that would be the right fit for me. I have never wanted to go to a mixed SA meeting, but just yesterday, I have spoken to another jewish woman from the SAA fellowship, and she has convinced me to join her in a mixed meeting in NYC. After reading your article today pointing out all the problems with a frum woman in a mixed meeting, I now know I need to continue my search for a different and more proper place.
Hopefully with Hashems help I will find the right sponsor and group to get me out of my mess.
Thank you for your emails and chizuk!