Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Working the Steps

Can I work the 12-Steps alone?

by Dov (See all authors)

There are many who say "I tried/did/worked the 12 steps", and they mean they read a book, answered the questions, did some writing assignments and followed the program to the end....

But they did it all alone.

Just a little plug for "the program" as I know it:

Working the steps in the context of daily life was and is absolutely essential for me. Real tools for real daily living (without our mishi'gas) is what we need here, not just 'medicine'.

"guump! I swallowed it - it's done!" is a recipe for more disappointment. And we all have had enough of that! It must take time and be real, and it's worth the trouble. We are worth the trouble.

To actually do this - for me and others I know who are doing it - requires a real live chevra, or at least: a real live friend who is also doing it. I couldn't work the steps alone (I tried for two years) and I can't seem to successfully use them alone today, either.

Just my experience. Besides, it's really an amazing adventure! Why hog it all to ourselves?