Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Saffron Rice Pilaf with Chateuneuf

How can we give to G-d? G-d doesn't get anything when we do a mitzva.....

Someone asked on the forum:

How can we give to G-d? G-d doesn't get anything when we do a mitzva.....

(See this link for an interesting take on this question)

Dov replies:

The entire issue seems a boondoggle to me. Just like figuring out exactly why and to precisely what I am addicted, bechirah and yediyah, bechirah and addiction, bechirah and a nice saffron rice pilaf with chateuneuf... Finally figuring these deep (and useless) things out is just something I am too stupid to do, I figure. If I were smart enough, though, would it matter?

I choose (that's bechirah, for you) to relegate these issues to the dustbin of my mind, where issues like "how refrigerators, my intestines, and women really work" are put to rest.

Scratching those itches may not help me, but responding to the things that have already kicked my butt hard (to get my attention) certainly will help me. Things like:

  • I am in a great deal of trouble, on my own, per my track record. (step 1)
  • I need G-d's assistance, as no human power seems to have helped me. (step 2)
  • When I actually follow (rather than study) some simple steps (3-12) I remain sober, get a clearer head, and the people around me are much happier.
  • I can't keep G-d's help while going it alone.
  • The guys who come to meetings and never get better are often the ones who talk incessantly about how they are "here to finally figure this thing out."
  • Oh, and the final one is that rice is much better with (a little) saffron and a nice white wine.

Luvya, bud.