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Breaking the Cycle

Book review and recommendation.

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obormottel Thursday, 19 November 2015

I wrote to you a few months ago telling you about the book "Breaking the Cycle". At that point, I wasn't ready for your approach on GYE. I needed to deal with the addiction without any mussar. This book greatly helped me, but it wasn't enough. A few weeks ago I looked through your handbook and found it to be very helpful. TaPHSiC method has been a lifesaver for me! Because with all of the self help, the voice always manages to find a little opening...."just this time... I really need i,t etc." TaPHSiC is wonderful, as it builds a brick wall to keep me going and not to act out no matter what. I thank Hashem that I have the yir'as shamayim not to budge from sh'vua.

However, the obsession... the thoughts...the fantasies... persist. So I open "Breaking the Cycle" and it's soooo good. He is soooo on target! Sometimes it takes a few days until I really get what he is saying... but when I do, it blows my mind. Wow, how right is he! And it gives me clarity and strength not to identify with the all powerful voices in my head, to disconnect and say no!

So I stand by my recommendation. The book is a extremely powerful tool. It is a lifesaver for me, and as you can read in the testimonials on Amazon, it was a life-saver for many others too! I suggest that you could recommend it to the broader public.

Thank you so much for your unbelievable work. Your ribui k'vod Shamayim is enormous, and as the saying goes, "I'm mekaneh your place in olam haba".

Hatzlacha raba!