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Alternative Filter Solution for Android devices

Android devices are very hard to filter. There are workarounds, loopholes etc. So in conjunction with a filter you MUST also have a reporting software, which will monitor all web logs and send a report to your Rav or chaver, whichever you choose.

For the best solution for Androids see this page. If it doesn't work for your phone, try the alternative solution below.

the.guard Thursday, 09 February 2012

The process of protecting an Android device is a 3 step process:

Step 1.

a. Sign up for a monthly Covenant Eyes account here you can complete this on your computer.

b. From your Android device open the web browser and go to and click on the first link where it says 'Download The Android App'. This will start downloading Covenant Eyes to your device.

c. From the top bar, find the downloaded Covenant Eyes file, click on it to install it. You will be asked to install also 'Covenant Eyes Helper'. Do so.

d. Open the Covenant Eyes app and sign in using your User Name and password you chose during sign up. Remember to put a check by 'stay signed in'.


Step 2.

a. Sign up for a yearly 'Trend Micro Mobile Security' subscription here you can do this on your computer.


b. Download 'Trend Micro Mobile Security' app here


c. Open Trend Micro Mobile Security and set the level of protection to CHILD (lower then that is not a real protection).


d. If you use web mail like Gmail or Hotmail for your emails, add ' ' or ' ' in the 'always allowed' list. Otherwise, it will be blocked.



Step 3.

a. Download Smart App Protector+ here


b. You will be asked to install 'Smart App Protector Helper' follow the instructions to install it (you must have an SD card in your device in order to install it).


c. Open Smart App Protector, go to the 'Running' tab, and add to the lock list; 'Trend Micro Mobile Security' and 'Android Market' and any uninstaller, task manager or task killer you may have installed on your device.


d. Have another person put and save the passwords for you (for both: Trend Micro Mobile Security and for Smart App Protector+).



**If you found these steps too hard for you to do by yourself, you can ask a friend etc. to do it for you. If you don't have anyone to do it for you, please call the GYE main hotline and we'll guide you on the phone step by step.**