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Yetzer Hara: Case Closed

the.guard Wednesday, 31 July 2019
Yetzer Hara: Case Closed

I want to thank GYE for the amazing website. I am only into Day 21 and already so many wonderful things have happened (Thank G-d)!!! The resources on the site and the Daily-emails have been invaluable!!!

I am so grateful and appreciative that HaShem has led me (and so many others) to this source of Kedusha---may it spread far and wide. I have so many stories for this short period (only 21 days) but I'll just share a simple but amazing one from yesterday.

I woke up with inappropriate thoughts and the yetzer-hara was making it's case for why I should indulge etc. It is my practice to learn Chassidus before I daven in the morning so I decided to look at some GYE articles I had printed the week before (under the GYE search term "Chassidus")

Hashgachah Pratis would have it that one of the articles I came across was entitled "Avoiding Evil Thoughts." This article referenced Chapter 27 of the TANYA: Dealing with Inappropriate Thoughts".

So between the article and chapter of TANYA the Yetzer-tov and /or Godly Soul put down the yetzer-hara's silly arguments!!! BATTLE WON!!!

(Parenthetically, without the GYE article I would never have known where to look in the TANYA regarding this issue---So again, I'm so grateful for the resources found on GYE and of course Thankful to HaShem).