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From the Trenches

Member "willnevergiveup" who has 180 days clean on GYE posted on the forum:

the.guard Wednesday, 09 June 2021
From the Trenches

I was at a wedding last night and there was lots of stuff to look at, the cake, the miniatures, the bar, the choir, oh, and the women.

I practiced. Closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and whispered gam zeh ya'avor ("this too, shall pass"). And eventually, they all did.

I really wanted to make sure everything was okay with the kallah in case her dress wasn't fitting properly, or her hair was a little off, it's obviously very important for me to know. Is she wearing heals? Is she wearing a full veil or one of those see through ones? does she look like her mother? Sisters? Maybe friends? All very important stuff...

I closed my eyes, pretended that I was davening for the new chassan and kallah but really I was just whispering, "Hashem, please keep my eyes closed. Nothing will happen if I don't find out all of those important things."

(I really was curious though, so I asked my wife afterwards what everyone was wearing. "Royalty" she said, "everything custom". Good to know).

Thank G-d for not taking a second look.