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Hoshana Rabba - Last Chance!

the.guard Tuesday, 15 September 2020


There’s only 1 day left!

Hoshana Raba is the official close of Guard-Your-Eyes's annual High Holiday campaign for 2020 (5781). According to the Zohar it is the day in which our judgment is sealed, and the last chance to make a spiritual difference in what was decreed for us in the coming year.

It is brought down in the sefarim that helping others in the area of Kedusha is the biggest tikkun for p’gam habris.

Thank G-d, we had an incredible outpouring of support during our High Holiday campaign and over 3,000 people contributed towards covering the operational budget of GuardYourEyes for 5781.

We’ve been working to create a new cutting-edge program, GYE 2.0, that will completely transform how we help people.

Preview our work in progress (PDF)

We are doing a bonus round to raise funds to meet our goal with this new program. We hope to reach 100,000 new members during the next 24 months, and to be able to help them in the most effective way possible. Your donation this year will go farther than you can imagine!

Wishing you a Piska Tava and a year of success, prosperity, health and serenity,

The GuardYourEyes team