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Elya's Secrets to Success

obormottel Sunday, 19 August 2018
Elya's Secrets to Success

I have been pretty regular about a morning 11th step-seek conscious contact with my Higher Power through prayer and meditation. This was something that was difficult for me for a very long time, but I recently came across a suggested approach for meditation which I have found very easy to work with.

First of all, I begin with the premise that my Higher Power has only my best interest in mind and whatever is happening in my life and inside my head is up to Him and for my ultimate good; my Higher Power loves me and through life's difficulties and internal struggles, He is trying to send me a message. With that, I begin:

1. I thank my Higher Power for the struggles I am facing. (This gives me a lot of fuel to talk to Him).

2. I ask my Higher Power to help me realize what He is trying to teach me through these challenges and what I need to correct in my thoughts or actions as a result.

3. I ask my Higher Power to help me increase my awareness of Him and my belief in Him.

4. I ask my Higher Power to be patient with me as I work on improving myself (progress, not perfection) and to grant me-as a free gift, whatever I may need to fulfill my purpose in life. I also take the opportunity to pray on behalf of others (especially that my wife should find the same peace of mind and contentment that I am hoping to experience myself).

I do this in the morning after formal prayers; I sit in a side-room by myself and set a timer to give myself 5 minutes of this before getting on with my day.