Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rock Climbing

by Ben Avraham (See all authors)

Before I became frum, I used to be very involved in rock climbing. Though I never did any multi-day climbs, I frequently read accounts of them in books and magazines. According to these accounts, when you encounter a particularly difficult spot in a climb, you should look around for anything that was left behind by the climbers who passed the same way and blazed the path before you. Not infrequently, someone will leave behind a piece of gear or even inscribe a hint onto the rock face so that future climbers will know how to get past the tricky spot.

Beating the addiction is a cliff that takes a lifetime to scale, but 90 days at least gets us past the most difficult parts. And although I fell off the cliff recently after only thirty days, I acquired knowledge and experience in those days that I know will help me as I start ascending once more. Where did this knowledge come from? From all of you here on the forum, who inscribed tips into the face of the rock at every difficult spot!

Thanks, folks; the climb is more fun with company.