Sunday, 26 February 2012

How Real is Hashem to You?

by Uri (See all authors)

All the Belzer chassidim were gathered for the first night of slichos.
The Belzer Rebbe walked in and looked around.
"Where is Yankel the tailor?", he asked.
The chassidim next to him responded;
"We don't know. He's not here. Why?"
"Go get him. We're not starting slichos till he comes."
"What?! Rebbe, there are 1000s of people waiting to start slichos! We can't just hold everyone for a tailor!"
"Well, we are about to. Go bring him, please."
So the chassidim went to Yankele the tailor's house to find him lying on the ground, drunk.
"Yankele, come to shul. The Rebbe is waiting for you."
"But I'm drunk! How can I go to slichos like this?"
"It doesn't matter. You have to come. Everyone's waiting for you."
So Yankel picked himself up and walked with the Rebbe's chassidim to shul.
When he came to the Rebbe, the Rebbe asked him:
"Tell me exactly the whole story of what happened, ending in you getting drunk tonight."

So Yankele the tailor told his story...

I work with material.
I have a hard time getting by.
Then, a high ranking officer in the army had me do some expensive work for him.
I was gonna finally have some money.
But he canceled half his order.
I said to Hashem:
"Hashem, you took away half my parnassa! From now on, I'm only doing half the mitzvos!"
And I did.
I only put on one tefillin in the morning. I only davened half of davening. I only washed one hand. Etc...
And then the officer lessened his order again.
So I said to Hashem:
"Ok. Now I'm gonna do even less."
And I did.
After a while, I realized that this is a bad cycle to be in.
So I said to Hashem:
"Hashem, let's make up. I'll start doing all the mitzvos again, and you give me my full parnassa. Okay?"
And then I did as all close friends do, when they make up.
I made a le'chaim.
I sat down at my table and poured two shots.
"To a long and loving relationship, Hashem! Lechaim!"
"Hashem, You didn't drink Your shot!"
So I drank it for Him.
And tell me, is one lechaim enough for the King of Kings?!
So I poured one lechaim after another, till I finished the whole bottle!
And that's why I was lying on the floor drunk tonight.

The Belzer Rebbe gave Yankel a big hug.
"You, my holy yid, are standing next me to tonight when we say slichos.
Because you have a relationship with Hashem.
You talk to Him.
You love Him.
And He is real to you.
So I want to be with you at this crucial time."

That story made me cry for some reason.
Hope you like it.

- Uri