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Prostate Massage to Clean Out the Prostate

Harav Dovid Morgenstern is a world-renowned expert in these areas and he is in touch with doctors and up-to-date on all the latest medical studies.

obormottel Sunday, 12 October 2014

Question to the Rav:

It's embarrassing, but here goes:

I am thirty years old. I have a problem with my prostate where I experience urinary blockage, and regular (non-urine) discharges immediately after using the bathroom. My doctor put me on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and ran a urine test to rule out any infections. After that did not solve the problem, I was referred to a specialist. He did a prostate exam, and said the problem was due to an overly-congested prostate. The solution? To have a lot of regular sex. So I told him that I am not married, and I am religious. He said to masturbate regularly. I told him that as a religious Jew, I don’t engage in that either. He said that the only relief would come with regular milking the prostate.

I assume a prostate exam is allowed in halacha. But I cannot always go to the doctor and have such an invasive procedure done. Doing such a procedure myself is also not appealing.

Recently I saw something that seemed to be perfect. There is a type of prostate massage done externally. So I tried it sort of expecting it to be the same as a regular prostate exam (after all, the mechanics are the same), but I realized that the sensation is different. There is no kishui aiver, and what is released is thin and watered-down white in color. However, the sensation of the release is in waves, similar to a typical male orgasm.

So I am asking about this method (which, by the way, cleans out the prostate well), does it release sperm thereby prohibiting it in halacha or may it be used.

The Rav Responds:

The use of prostatic massage in treatment of his illness is currently in dispute among doctors.

It would appear that he is generating an orgasm through his massage (from a quick review of the subject it would appear that there does not exist two distinct orgasms, one prostatic and one normal, but rather he is generating a natural orgasm in a not natural way).

There is therefore a problem of זרע לבטלה and one cannot use the procedure.