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Never give up!

By Arye

obormottel Monday, 02 October 2017

First and foremost I thank this very special group, the finest of the finest, called GYE. For many decades I could not rid myself of using porn and acting out until I found this site. Today, thanks to Hashem, I am three years clean.

I often have to travel by plane for my different endeavors. This week, as usual, I was surrounded by screens blaring their movies, and next to me sat a woman who wore no sleeves. I have to live life with a sense of duty; to sanctify the name of Hashem is part of my duty. Even if it is only between me and Him. I read once that Bilam the evil didn't advise Balak to hire prostitutes and have them make Am Yisrael sin with them - that would not have worked. His plan was to catch the prey without it even noticing. First, an innocent and inoffensive old woman sells material at a very low cost. The Jew is attracted to buy and he's already fallen into the trap, now it's a matter of time. The old lady invites him to come inside and choose for himself. "Wow, great service here," thinks the Jew, but inside he finds a young woman offering a bit of "L'chayim," some good wine to celebrate the business deal. When the alcohol starts to work, then he is vulnerable to her advances. So I decided that I wouldn't look at other screens even if at that moment the view is "kosher," because it can change in a matter of seconds. I concentrated on watching my eyes, and Baruch Hashem I was able to handle the Nisayon. So my tools are:

a) to feel the importance of my duty and to remember it, by being mindful and reading about it. Through GYE I became acquainted with this pamphlet called V'haer Einenu. It's divided to be read in thirty days.

b) knowing some of the tactics of my enemy.

We cannot achieve any level of Kedusha, Torah, or fear of Hashem as long as we are not watching our eyes. Lots of Hatzlacha to all the members of GYE in their holy struggle against evil. Never give up!