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Addicted to this website

GYE Corp. Friday, 27 April 2012

An inspiring Post on the Forum from "Chasdei Avos"

I just wanted to share that I have been clean, bli ayin Horah, since Rosh Chodesh Elul. I get chills just saying that. Thank You Hashem so much.

I must say, my shalom bayis, including both emotional and physical, continues to get much much better the longer I am careful in this area.

Singles: Just imagine, the more you are careful now, the much more amazing your relationship will be, both emotional and PHYSICAL.

Small vort: We all know that frum jews are a tiny tiny portion of jews in general. Further, frum jews who are pro-actively fighting this war are a very small portion of frum jews. Although Hashem loves every single Yid more than any love we could ever imagine, the more we strive to do Hashem's will, the more we open the channels to receive and appreciate His endless love. EACH OF US are not only loved endlessly by Hashem, but we are unclogging the pipeline through which we connect to Hashem's love. By Hashem, there is no such thing as time. THEREFORE: Every second that you fight this war (forget about the long term for a moment) is a second that Hashem's love flows through a sparkling clean pipe with no junk clogging its path, directly into our system. Perhaps that's why I have heard, that at the very moment that one is misgaber (overpowers) his evil inclination, it is a very opportune time to ask Hashem for anything you need from Him.

I said it before, but I am addicted to this website. Any time I sit by a computer, this is the first place I run. Thanks.