Friday, 23 March 2012

Searching for meaning

by Uri (See all authors)

I was studying this week's Parsha, searching for meaning in my life and struggles as I often do, when I came across a most unusual pasuk. Moshe is speaking to Klal Yisrael telling them not be afraid of entering the land and that their enemies will fall easily under their swords, until he says the following:

"And Hashem will banish the nations from before you gradually. You shall not destroy them speedily, lest the wild animals become too numerous for you."

Rashi asks the obvious question: "the hand of G-d is leading them through giants and powerful armies, and they should be scared of a couple lions? Surely there is nothing to be afraid of as long as they do Hashem's will?!" Rashi answers that it was revealed to Moshe that they would sin.

WOAH! One second! Moshe Rabbeinu? Our loving defender? He's just telling us, "yea, you guys wont make it??" Where's the faith? "Yea, you guys are gonna fall". This is not the picture I've had of him until now.

My friends, I remember the first time I went skiing with my friend. He said to me "Uri, I'm just warning you. You're gonna fall a heck of a lot". I remember looking at him a little hurt. He noticed and told me "it doesn't mean you aren't athletic or anything. Everyone falls in the beginning, no matter how athletic and talented they are. If you don't fall, that means you are not really skiing. Don't be afraid to fall or you'll never learn how to really ski".

I told my sister when she started biking; "honey, go slow, but even if you do, you're gonna fall. But dont worry. I'm here to make sure you dont get hurt and get up."

Moshe wasn't being cynical or a pessimist - Chas veshalom!! Moshe was just letting us know: "You guys are gonna fall. And you're gonna get up. And you're gonna conquer this land. And you're gonna learn from your falls. And Hashem and His messengers will always be there to help you back up. Have no fear, for fear will only prevent you from reaching your goal".

Falling is a necessary and important part of life.

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