Do you really want to be Free?

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

I was reading on an article about the parsha Mishpatim, and some words moved me.

"God instructs every Jew that if he has a Jewish slave working for him, then after six years he is to be set free. On the surface, it seems like when the seventh year arrives the slave would eagerly, happily, and enthusiastically run from his master's house into his new found freedom. But this just isn't how a slave feels. The reason for this is that the longer a person is under the "rule" of someone or something else, the less belief he has that he can actually make it on his own..... And although the enslavement is hard, frustrating, and painful, we don't leave because we doubt our ability to make it in un-chartered waters."

I could really relate to that.