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Don't just say 'no' to lust, say 'yes' to G-d.

obormottel Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I just want to respond to someone who said that he "just can not say no (to lust)."

I am a member of Sexaholics Anonymous. What works for me is realizing that I am totally NOT in control and only God can get me out of this. Therefore, whenever I feel "I just can't say no," I pray to my Higher Power to take this away, and it works!

I also call a friend, just to get it out. Telling someone that if you had a gun to your head you wouldn't act out is basically saying you are still in complete control, and if that is true, why would you masturbate at all? This is something you don't want and you still do it!

I think the same goes for the Taphsic program - unless your knas is that you will go to SA (like mine was, and therefore I'm so thankful for the Taphsic program) - but otherwise, I think it's denying that you have zero control over lust.

Thank you for everything, GYE!