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The X-Rated Parsha

obormottel Friday, 01 September 2017

“When you will go before your ENEMIES…

and you will Capture its Captivity!!”

“ושבית שביו…”

The Journey to become Sober is often called “a battle!”

In this week’s Parasha, we are practically overwhelmed and introduced to eleven different types of LUST Aveiros! From the יפת תאר – woman of a beautiful form (21:10) to infidelity ( 22:13) to violating a betrothed woman ( 22:23) to the sin of prostitution (23:18) and more!

How is it that our Holy and Pure Torah can speak about so many lust-related sins? How is it that the nature of Holy Jewish men and women – who have had seen so many miracles – fall into such aberrant behaviors??

The Sifre gets totally real with us and teaches us that our Sages describe this as לא דברה תורה אלא כנגד יצר הרע The Torah spoke only in response to the Evil Inclination!

Now please take a careful look at the most peculiar language of all:

“ושבית שביו…”

“…and you will Capture its Captivity!!”

What does this mean? This statement doesn’t make any sense!! How does one actually “Capture its Captivity?” (see below)

Let’s consider how the Parasha and the 12 Step SA Program address this issue...

What we can learn is that Lust is not only our form of Captivity; but also as we learn in Step 1, when Our Lives have become Unmanageable…We are Powerless over Lust! Just like the peculiar language of someone who sees us sneezing non stop, they ask us, “Did you CATCH a Cold?” it doesn’t make sense. Is it that you catch a cold or does the cold catch you?!

So too with lust…when G-d warned us that “you will Capture its Captivity,” we learn that we are held captive by the lust that captures us!!!

Now we can really understand the meaning of Powerlessness!

Bill Wilson continues to warn us what we just learned in Parasha Ki Seitzei in the Big Book Chapter 5, Page 58 where he tells us that we must be “rigorous” in our efforts to work our Recovery Program. Why? With some of the most shtark words in the entire Big Book, we are warned:

“Remember that we deal with Lust – Cunning, Baffling, Powerful! Without help, it is too much for us. But there in ONE who has all Power – that ONE is GOD!”

Do you really want to fight the Enemy of Addiction? Do you really want Sobriety?? Do you really want to live a life of Freedom and Recovery??

Then as we learn from our Program, we can take the simplest step of all –

Let Go and Let God!

Please pay special attention to how this simple quote says volumes! I’m pretty sure that most of us, would be very pleased to Let God take care of all our problems and our enemies. BUT FIRST, the biggest hurdle we have to overcome is making the decision and taking active steps to LET GO!!

Thanks to Ki Seitzie, now I really understand the piece of advice I received from a Program buddy who taught me:

No G-d…No Peace

Know G-d…Know Peace