Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Sobriety Cost Me My Entire Life Savings

by Dov (See all authors)

A few minutes ago I checked out a link in an email-type thingy from a good friend. There was an ad on the side of the page that popped up. It was not healthy for me and I turned the page up to avoid the torture and the danger.

OK... now comes the fun part:

A minute later it occurred to me to do something to let him know it was not a great link to send to me. I wanted - really wanted - to check the ad out again, cuz maybe the one I saw was not the normal pop up for that page. Maybe it just happened to be that kind of ad this time. Maybe I should just leave him alone... I just had to check it out!

Heh, heh....

Something in my gut said to me: "Is it worth perhaps maybe jeopardizing sobriety for this? Why risk it at all?" My sobriety is like a delicate glass object that cost me my entire life savings. I carry it around with me and it's a bit crazy, but there's no place else to keep it, cuz it's my sanity! Stupid to carry around, but - here it is! Can't afford to get too distracted from it or it may just roll out of my hands and crash to the floor. Not enough crazy glue in Belleview to put it back together again....

So I just let my friend know in a cryptic way and went on. Not my business to make a big deal about it and I'm not here to save the world from themselves, either.