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An Addict Can't Taste Life

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 January 2012

Imagine the alcoholic going to the opening of the world's most exclusive restaurant. The tab is at least a thousand dollars and he waits hours on line for the privilege of paying to eat there. Finally, he gets his table and sits down. The waiter brings him the menu and he orders a cup of wine to get started. He then orders the first course and some more wine. Before the second course, again some wine. He is so absorbed in his wine that he doesn't notice the unique ambiance and the custom paintings. The specially designed table and chairs pass him by completely. He is just happy with his wine. The reporters ask him to describe the experience. He answers, "the wine was great."

On the chol hamoed trip, the lust addict is absorbed in checking out all the frum women. Waiting on line in the store, the same thing. His life's schedule is just, "when he can get back to the computer?" His whole life is just a backdrop for the great search for Lust.

Everybody likes wine and looking at women, but the lust addict is consumed by the search for lust. A normal person who sees a pretty woman will look, but he will not be staring at every woman to find "that woman."

Everyone enjoys that cup of wine, but they can also enjoy other things.

The lust addict goes to see the Swiss Alps, but all he sees is the tank top across from him in the cable car.

The alcoholic didn't taste the food and the lust addict can't taste life.