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But We're Just Friends...

Why can't we just be friends? It's nothing sexual!

once-innocent Friday, 27 November 2015

Our addiction makes us blind to potential pitfalls. If you search deep inside you, you will see that you are justifying something that you KNOW is bad for you and dangerous. What we feel is "good for us" and makes us feel "warm and secure" is the very thing that will kill us in the end.

By connecting with others and speaking through these struggles with honesty, humility and open-mindedness, we will come to see the lies for what they really are and start living with real integrity. The addiction tells us lies. Its biggest lies are "I can't live without it" and "I really care for that person." It takes courage to see the truth and admit that this is really all about "Me" and that I'll be just fine without it; much better in fact.