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Principle 6: Making it a top priority

GYE Corp. Sunday, 20 November 2011
Principle 6: Making it a top priority

Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work. One of the greatest obstacles stopping a person from changing is the notion that it can be done without a lot of investment. We live in a generation of instant results, and we come to expect that whatever needs to happen should happen quickly. We tend to forget that our whole purpose on this world is to grow and improve. We tend to look at any weakness that we have as an "inconvenience" that needs to be gotten out of our way (or ignored), while in reality it's Hashem's personal message telling us exactly what He sent us to this world for. As it is brought down in the Sefarim (such as Tzidkas Hatzadik #49 and #181), that the things we struggle with the most in life are the very things that we came down to the world to fix.

The Vilna Gaon (Sefer Yonah 4:3) talks about Gilgulim (a Gilgul means that the soul comes back to this world after a previous life). And he explains that every soul has one major job to fix on its return to this world, in the one major area that it messed up last time. The Vilna Gaon asks, how we can know what the purpose of our soul’s Gilgul is? He answers that we can figure it out by observing what sins we stumble in the most, and which sins we have the most intense desire for.

So if this is what we indeed came down to the world for, let us make our growth in this area the most important thing in our life.