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Tool 13: Talk to the Experts

GYE Corp. Friday, 28 October 2011
Tool 13: Talk to the Experts

If we are at a loss on how to continue our journey, or if we feel that all the steps we've taken until today still don't seem to do the trick for us, we can pick up the phone and call the GYE Expert Hotline to discuss our addiction with someone who understands us and can give us advice on how to proceed. This can be either a therapist who is trained in these areas, or someone with personal experience and long-term sobriety. Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to the GYE E-Mail Helpline to get expert advice.

In general, the experts on our hotline and e-mail helpline have worked with the 12-Step program in face-to-face groups and they are the most suited and experienced people to guide us on our journey by sharing with us what worked for them and what didn't work for them. They can also provide us with much insight into the nature of this addiction, so we can learn to recognize what we are going through and discover the proper perspective on how to deal with it. Another benefit of contacting someone personally is that the advice they give us will be more tailored to our specific situation.

The GYE Hotline & E-Mail Helpline are also ideal for mechanchim and parents, as well as for anyone who struggles in these areas, to get basic guidance on how to get started.

GYE Hotline: 646-600-8100

GYE E-Mail Helpline: gye [dot] help [at] gmail [dot] com