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Some Testimonials

I've printed out the handbooks and I've been working my way through them. I have to say that they are utterly brilliant. My favorite thing about them is that they provide me with so many different TOOLS to fighting the addiction. I really used to feel ILL-EQUIPPED in dealing with the dreaded urge, and all I'd be able to tell myself was things like 'come on, just fight it' or 'try harder', without really having any idea of HOW to effectively and creatively work around the problem. Kol Hakavod for providing this service!

- Yisrael

I have been reading and rereading and re-rereading your handbooks. They are great!. I think that the info on this site should be made available to all Mechanchim because there is definitely a strong lack of awareness in this area.

- Boruch

I’d like to print out a few hundred of the "Guard Your Eyes Handbook" and distribute in my yeshiva and others.

- Yaakov

The handbooks are an awesome masterpiece; a testimony to the tremendous Siyata d'Shmaya that is evident in all your chizuk emails.

- Yehoshua

Thank you for the handbooks on lust addiction. I printed them out and read every word very carefully. It made me realize that if one wants to, there is no excuse not to stop. There are so many effective ways to challenge this addiction. We can only blame ourselves if we do not.

- Ilan

"The handbooks are excellent, pure gold! The information they contain is unbelievable. It really takes all of the things I've read since I joined the website and forum and puts them right in front of you, giving a clear framework for anyone who wants to recover.".

- Shmuel

"The GYE Handbook is to religious lust addicts what the Big Book is to alcoholics".

- Ahron

“I am a respected member of the community. I have been unsuccessfully battling this problem for at least 40 years. I read thoroughly the GYE handbook and would like to make the author my Rebbe. "K'mayim karim al nefesh ayefoh" (like cold water on a parched soul), this masterpiece has re-instilled a hope within me that maybe I can really be what the members of my community think of me. I pour out my heart to the Aibishter that one day I'll be able to help you rather than enlisting your help. I wish there were words to convey the magnitude of my bracha to you, for your hatzlacha is the hatzlacha of Klal Yisrael.”

- Sent anonymously by e-mail

“I have to tell you that the handbooks are one of the greatest things that happened to Klal Yisrael since Matan Torah.”

- An (overly) enthusiastic Talmid Chacham

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