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Opportunity of Gevaldig Proportions

obormottel Friday, 14 September 2018
Opportunity of Gevaldig Proportions

Drashas Shabbos Shuva 5774:

"Am I crazy? Am I a fool?
Am I living my life in denial?

Of course, I am going to do teshuva.
But what will be Motzai Yom Kippur? What will be rosh chodesh Shvat, Addar, Addar Beis?!

So what's the deal? Yom Kipper is what we call in Yiddish a "gelegenheit" - an opportunity (Gelegeneheit sounds more geshmak) - to HIT THE RESET BUTTON. Yes, we will sin; yes, we will fall. Yes, we will crash and burn. BUT... We will have a "bild" - a picture - of what a brand new factory rebuilt "better than new" feels like. Clean fresh holy geshmakkkkk!!

Have a wonderful Yom Kipper!

It's a gelegenheit!!!

Regards from the realsville shammes."