GYE helps those struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors.

All services are anonymous and free! Watch the video below to learn how GYE can help. Trouble viewing? Download here

If you have tried the many tools on our network (including the 12 step phone conferences) and still feel stuck, you may want to try going to a therapist trained in dealing with lust addiction. Also, if you want to work on emotional and mental health issues that may be hindering your recovery, a therapist could be a great resource to help you achieve the health and balance you are looking for.

Finding the right therapist for your personal needs is not a simple task. We highly recommend that you use the Relief organization who are the leading experts and resource in the Jewish world for therapist referrals. They know best how to match the right mental health professional for your specific needs. Just give them a call and they will be happy to assist you. When contacting them you can remain anonymous and anything you tell them will remain strictly confidential. 

Due to the high volume of calls, you can expect to wait 24-48 hours before getting a response from Relief. If you need urgent help, please specify that in your correspondence with them and they will prioritize your inquiry. 

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 Sendy Ornstein 718-431-9501 Ext. 100
 Benjamin Babad 718-431-9501 Ext. 202
 Rachel Etziony 718-431-9501 Ext. 200
 Blimi Compton 718-431-9501 Ext. 400
 Baruch Ber Berman 718-431-9501 Ext. 404
 Suri Hauer 718-431-9501 Ext. 406
 Benjamin Babad 718-431-9501 Ext. 202
 David Kessner 718-431-9501 Ext. 307
 Devorah Levinson 718-431-9501 Ext. 103
 Yehoshua Berger 718-431-9501 Ext. 403
 Ephraim Weingot 718-431-9501 Ext. 201
 Yitzy Faivushevitz 718-431-9501 Ext. 409
 Devorah Levinson 718-431-9501 Ext. 103
 Riki Schwartz 718-431-9501 Ext. 203
 Arielle Benisti 718-431-9501 Ext. 405
Yisrael Slansky 410-448-8356
 Menachem Lowy 718-431-9501 Ext. 402
 Daniel Berman 818-655-0032
 Moti Rapoport 416-789-1600 Ext 1
 Mordechai Pindrus 011-972-52-762-8031
 Yonason Hamilton  03303 500 277